Macee wears a lot of hats at TK Equestrian and does an outstanding job at everything she does. Whether it be teaching beginner lessons, setting up new courses, feeding all the animals, tending to layups, changing blankets or anything else the farm needs you can count on Macee for the best individualized care.  Although Tara of course over sees all operations Ms. Morgan having grown up living with Tara seems to have no trouble knowing the best way to handle all situations. Each and every client at TK Equestrian boast about Ms. Morgans care and attention to detail and have an incredible level of respect for her commitment to excellence in everything she does.  Aside from her outstanding caretaker skills Macee has a long list of accomplishments in the saddle. Ms. Morgan holds the title as the highest scoring Dressage Seat Equitation rider in the history of the ESDCTA.  She has earned Grand Champion High Point Event Rider at recognized competitions through the Novice Level, as well countless Grand/Reserves/High Point Ribbons, and year end titles in many other disciplines. Macee's accomplishments have been recognized nation wide as her riding has stood out on MANY personal, client, and sale horses where she has brought out the absolute best in the horses of all breeds and disciplines. Ms. Morgans long list of accomplishments and dedication at such a young age makes her an outstanding role model for her younger students who look up to her and her many achievements.  

In addition to these three the list of quality care doesn't stop there. TK Equestrian is lucky enough to have many very talented, educated, responsible working students, boarders, and clients who all work as a team to ensure the safety and top health for all the animals! TK Equestrian is a family, a team, and everyone uses their kind hearts, vast knowledge, and personal talents to contribute to the farm and help each other achieve their goals.

Macee Morgan Assistant Trainer/Assistant Barn Manager

My name is Tara Kathleen Hynes and I have been working with horses all of my life.  I enjoy what I do and would not trade it for any other profession in the world.  I wake up early every morning, go to sleep late every night, and spend ALL the hours in-between doing barn chores, training the horses, and teaching lessons. It is an endless cycle and for that I consider myself the luckiest person in the world.  There is no place I would rather be then at my barn and I like all my clients to feel the same way!  

From a very young age I became very determined and spent many years training with top trainers working to perfect my Dressage. I believe that a strong dressage background  can do nothing but assist in the success of  each and every other discipline. Dressage is all about being one with the horse, and with that concept being the center of all my riding,  I have worked hard to train and compete in many other disciplines.

Whether it be western pleasure, running barrels, jumping courses, trail riding, hunter paces, beach rides, cross country, or eventing!, there is no aspect of the Equestrian world that I haven't worked to educate myself in.  I am constantly working to further my training.  No matter how many clinics I have attended or how many shows I have competed in  I believe there is always something left to learn. I am a certified instructor and take a great deal of pride in my farms, students, and horses.  

I have many SAFE, talented, forgiving horses who assist me in teaching my students.  I have Horses and Ponies that have excelled and proven themselves in disciplines including dressage, hunter/jumpers, reining, team penning, western pleasure, eventing, and out on the trails. I provide a safe, friendly, relaxed, fun atmosphere to learn in!  It is my mission that the barn should ALWAYS be an enjoyable environment. 

In addition to teaching lessons I also train horses. I break and train both English and Western horses of all  breeds, ages, and temperaments.  Over the years, I have trained many horses and brought them along from square one in both English & Western.  I enjoy working with green horses, as well as “problem” horses. I believe that with the right amount of patience and training many misunderstood horses can make huge turn arounds!  I am willing to help both horse and rider to achieve their goals no matter what direction they wish to go!

I love to teach and train both horses and riders! If you are seeking training for yourself or your equestrian partner please feel free to contact me and get yourself started on the right path!

Meet The Staff

Trevor McCarthy TK Equestrian's "Right Hand Man"

We as horse people know that you can never have "too much help" or "too many sets" of eyes, especially when the eyes are as trained as Mr. McCarthy's!  Leading jockey Trevor McCarthy is a very talented young man who has been around horses since he was born.  It seems almost every moment he is not on the race track Trevor spends at TK Equestrian!  Whether it be working with the rescues, building something new, maintaining the grounds on the tractor, filling the hay loft, assisting with horses training, or simply cheering on the team at a competition Trevor is always blessing us with his support and talent with the horses. Mr.McCarthy and Ms. Hynes support each other in every way possible and are both extremly passionate and dedicated to giving horses the life they deserve!

Tara Hynes Owner/Head Trainer

TK Equestrian