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"Ask for a lot, be happy with very little, praise often."

TK Equestrian is a boarding and training facility that offers top notch personalized care at an affordable rate. Clients feel at ease in their absence and are able to utilize our facility as an escape from the every day hustle and bustle and spend one on one time with their horse. We are a drama free facility as all our clients can agree that their time at the barn is strictly about enjoying the animals and embracing all they have to offer. TK Equestrian has something for everyone and our facility is able to suit all needs from the competitive eventer, leadline champion, dressage enthusiast, western game rider, point chasing hunter/jumper amature, or simply the weekend trail rider.
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Do not ever let anyone tell you the limits of you or your equine partner based on breed. Here at TK Equestrian head trainer Tara Hynes has been known to bring along any and all breeds of horses and train them to excel above and beyond expectation! To the left shows Ms. Hynes in the first photo on a Standardbred race horse who was still actively racing while he pursued his eventing career. The second photo pictures a Thoroughbred off the track whom she brought along to the Preliminary Level of Eventing. The third photo captures Tara aboard an Appendix Quarter horse whom she rescued for just a few hundred dollars out of a kill pen. All of these horses have successfully competed in recognized horse trials, "A" rated hunter/jumper shows, as well as recognized dressage shows and championship with both Tara and her students. If you have a horse of any "make or model" Tara would be happy to help you reach your equine goals WITH your horse regardless of breed or background!